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 Warrior :)

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PostSubject: Warrior :)   Mon Jul 13, 2009 10:24 pm

Here is evidence necessary information for Warrior like hero and she include :
Тук e показана необходимата информация за Warrior като герой и тя включва :

[1] Base Stats
[2] Level Points (Bonus)
[3] Skill Rank Up (Bonus)

Basic Stats: STR:24 INT:3 DEX:8 HP:50 MP:20

Level Points (Bonus for 1 point) :

Defense --------|0.143==0===0.143
Atack Rate------|0.4===0.4===1.75
Defense Rate--|0.2===0.1====1

Правилно развитие :
Интелигенция нужна единствено за Set-a , STR e областта в коят трябва да наблегнете изключително много , DEX единствено ви дава повече Def Rate както виждате така , че не е за подценяване при PvE
INT must be at minimum only for your Set , STR is the part for add points , DEX only give you many Def Rate and you must dont underrate this for PvE in all Maps !

При вдигане на ранг:
Rang up bonus:
----------------|------------Sword Skills-------------------|------------Magic Skills-------------|
Novice -------|------------No bonuses-------------------|-----------No bonuses--------------|
Master -------|-Str+12/Dex+12/HP+60/MP+30-------|-Int+12/Dex+12/MP+60/HP+30------|
A.Master -----|-Str+14/Dex+14/HP+70/MP+35-------|-Int+14/Dex+14/MP+70/HP+35------|
G.Master ----|-Str+14/Dex+14/HP+80/MP+40-------|-Int+14/Dex+14/MP+80/HP+40------|
Completer --|-Str+14/Dex+14/HP+90/MP+45--------|-Int+14/Dex+14/MP+90/HP+45------|
Transcender -lStr+14/Dex+14/HP+100/MP+50-------|-Int+14/Dex+14/MP+100/HP+50-----|
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Warrior :)
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