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 New kind of welcome

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PostSubject: New kind of welcome   New kind of welcome I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 15, 2009 11:36 pm

Hi, let me present myself for first , i am Reina (IGN) but my name its George ^^ George Radu.

I talked with a GM nammed Eli , and really? she was the most helpfull from all, i talked with her,and told her this server is nice, and want to help to make better reputation,fix things and so on.She told me she'll talk with an Admin about my GA (Game Advisor) position, and we continued to play togheder. I want to tell that she`s an wanderfull person , in real world =) a few people are like she Smile.

Oky, i made this post to take all a look at and replay their opinions, as a helper....and in combination with my experiene (As pro gammer,as web designer, as normal dude , and as friend of others) i want to tell you , that this server need some new things, some updates, and maybe new channels =) like 2-3.

Look here , i wanted to tell you some things that this server need to even more popular:


When someone starts a new char first thing he does he go kill a low rate mob, and see how its the xp,skill xp and the drops (here are good, both ofthem), after he press C or I to see what he has .. (from here on things in red should be updated or made) , he see he has 0 honour class (in his mind is like "oh man...i have to make reputation,....omg so manny quests :O no..go to other server) , next he look at stats...its seems oky.

After this he goes make some class rank , or level , after a while he need some items, then he go in higher spots ... and he dont get so much things... Admin...oh dudes..c'mon =\ make this server more excitant ... make the channels with random rare drops, and good items =\ if the player see a good item, he'll hunt for more, and so on we get more players


As i played so much...i saw that FC (Forcium) its more rare than my friends in real world o.O c'mon be serious.... make 1-2 servers with Hardcore drop , and 5-6+ to be able to play there , for the items (that means more players and even more with long play term on our server)


1) Cash Shop..? hmmie isn't a little too expensive? i have an ideea, and i can bet that a lot of people would LOVE this =) coz i never saw on a high rate server, i mean on first #3 =) servers from private servers. Make a system with vote reward in cash =) not a lot , but make it, more votes = more rank in Private Servers Classaments Smile and MORE enjoy for others ^^

2) Add more things in Cash Shop..like forcium sloted, like forcium of amp and so on =) with a lot of credits, but make it ^^ a little cash for serverisn't bad at all =) and for alz players, the`ll vote till get somethin good =) that means more advanges to us =)

Hmm....its ok for now, that was all i wanted to tell you, and don't forget, [GM]EliOwnZzZ is the best of all ^^ help all a lot, give advices and so on....and as i saw i didn't saw another one on server....=)
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PostSubject: Re: New kind of welcome   New kind of welcome I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 16, 2009 4:03 pm

I agree with him...
more channels=more people
hardcore maps,hell map=more fun
high class rank=low chance for people to use hack(because almost all cheats need low class rank)
vote reward system=a server more attractive
international payment=MORE money for server maintenance
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PostSubject: Re: New kind of welcome   New kind of welcome I_icon_minitime

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New kind of welcome
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